Summer is well and truly here. But summer in Australia is a double-edged sword; we have ample warm weather and sunshine to enjoy the great outdoors, but it doesn’t take long before it gets too hot and we run for cover.

Here are some tips to keep up the training in hot weather.

Keep hydrated

This may be obvious, but drinking a lot of water throughout the day is essential to keep you hydrated and allow your body’s natural cooling process to function. Keep a water bottle with you when training, or even pop a few in the freezer to grab when you’re on the go.

Make the most of indoor equipment

If it’s too hot outside, keep your workouts indoors. Strength training can burn just as many calories as cardio, and is also great for gaining some extra muscle.

Group fitness is also a great way to exercise indoors. This weather-proof option gives you a wide range of fun fitness options. Check out our LIVE timetable back from tomorrow!

Dawn or dusk

Exercising in the early morning or early evening is not only a great way to start or end the day but also a sun-safe way to exercise outdoors. The heat is at its weakest, but it’s still important to slip, slop, slap if the sun is out. Check your local council for some scenic walking paths and running tracks.

Know when to rest

If you’re feeling faint or lightheaded, or your experience any sort of pain or discomfort that you don’t normally feel during exercise, then stop and take a rest. Wait until you cool down before you resume your exercise. However, regardless of the climate, get some medical advice if you are unsure.



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