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Our Just for Kids section is loaded with fun activities that are designed to get kids, youth and the young at heart moving and having fun

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Power Up Your Home Workouts

Group Fitness If you love group fitness, prepare to be spoilt for choice! There are countless group fitness, Coaching Zone and live group fitness classes for you to access
Wellness Seekers If you love yoga and meditation, or have always wanted to try one of the two, now’s your moment. Browse our collection of yoga and meditation classes and prepare to relax and unwind
Active Kids If you’ve got a little one that’s busting to move, or needs a little push to get active, Just for Kids will do the trick. It’s loaded with fun activities that are designed to get kids, youth and the young at heart moving and having fun
Nutrition Portal If you want to make healthy eating both satisfying and convenient, you'll love our nutrition portal. It contains over 1000 recipes and 150 meal plans, tailored to your taste and dietary preferences, goals and more
Strength & Conditioning If you want to embrace weights or cardio training, we're loaded with home-based programs for the beginner through to the advanced
New Mums If you're a new mum that's seeking some suitable post-partum workouts, we'll help you safely build or maintain your current level of fitness
Ageless Actives If you're a senior who wants to keep active, try our Ageless Activities on for size. Each program is developed to get you up, moving and having fun
Cast screen on TV If you love the big screen, cast your favourite Home Fitness Network workouts, activities and programs from your PC, tablet or mobile device directly to your TV

Meet Your Coaches

Our team of qualified fitness professionals specialise in personal training, group training, mixed martial arts, calisthenics, and more.

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QLD – National Fitness Manager

Sam Merza

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WA – State Fitness Manager

Andrew Ng

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VIC - Group Fitness Instructor

Esther Castro

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VIC - Regional Fitness Manager

Kate Groube

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VIC - Group Fitness Coordinator

Anna Drackford

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VIC - Group Fitness Coordinator

Saverina (Sav) Colosimo

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VIC - Yoga Instructor

Trish Kam DeViSha


Our Community Loves Home Fitness Network

Home Fitness Network is for people of all ages, abilities and interests.

Discover here how Home Fitness Network is accessed and enjoyed across the country.

Dayna Lau
Ninja Parc started as just an occasional gym for me but has become an important part of my fitness regime! With the staff and members it is a great community of people. The coaches teach you the skills to get through any of the obstacles on their course, from their classes which are fresh and inventive! Even now with the gyms being closed, the live online classes on Home Fitness Network have made sure that all the strength I have built remains. You will be amazed how many body weight exercises are out there!
Dayna Launer, NSW
My 4yo daughter has been missing her classes during this isolation. So when we got the free access Home Fitness Network, it was super exciting! There's so many videos there to keep her busy and healthy everyday. It's very user friendly, easy to find things and there're clear instructions on each video. Thank you so much, very much appreciated!"
Cleya, VIC
My favourite thing about the Home Fitness Network is being able to practice my splits & stretches. I'm also teaching my brother!
Maeve, VIC
The Home Fitness program has been absolutely fantastic allowing us to still keep fit and do some classes on line. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing Anna’s classes as she is just so motivational so much so that you don’t feel you can slack off as you feel you are actually in a class with her. She has had fabulous music and a great mix of exercises throughout Have also enjoyed doing Pilates with Candice as well. Glad to have been able to try other classes as well. Thank you for enabling us to carry on with our fitness during the COVID-19 time
Anne, VIC
I really want to say thank you for everyone working on the home fitness network. It helps to keep me motivated and active during the covid-19 shut-down. Free style pump, tabata and fit blize are my favour classes - can't pick just one though. These live classes are great because the instructors are energetic, keep engaging the attendees and pushing me as they did in the gym group class. Being able to chat and see other attendees are also bonus. Please past my thank you to all the instructors, especially Anna. She is such a great amazing instructor. Even through the screen, I can feel her super energy, not to mention the way she pushed me work extremely hard. I love it, really love it. I can't image how sad would be without her live class during this tough time. Thank you Gensis and thank you Anna. Looking forward to go to the gym and do the face-to-face class!!!!
Wing, VIC
Jodie Greedy
Favourite Class: Body Blitz, Pilates, Barre and Cardio camp. What I liked : I liked the variety of classes, all different awesome instructors. Not one class being the same so you didn't know what you were in for, still being to interact with the instructor and other people and getting up for a 6am class and not having to leave the house.
Jodie Greedy, NSW
Michael Adkin
Ninja Parc was exactly the gym I was looking for when I moved to Newcastle 3 years ago. As I am into Ninja Warrior I wanted to train on obstacles that are similar to those found on the show. I have gained fitness of a different kind through the Ninja Parc classes, both online and in the gym. They are body weight specific exercises, which I have found more beneficial to my lifestyle then lifting heavy weights. Before these classes there were obstacles I couldn't complete, whereas now I can complete the course at Ninja Parc Newcastle in approximately 4 minutes. The staff and the members are really nice and easy to get along with. If your looking for a gym that's fun and you need a change then Ninja Parc and their online classes are perfect for you!
Michael Adkin, NSW

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