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Welcome to our virtual playground. Just for Kids is loaded with fun activities that are designed to get kids, youth and the young at heart enjoying endless playtime opportunities, while moving and developing new skills.  

Activities include gymnastics and ninja-inspired workoutsBoredom-busting home activities, and swim and water safety programs are also available.  

Choose your own adventure by selecting and exploring activities at your own pace. Or, weave your way through a weekly timetable of daily activities. There are three, categorised by age and skill development: 

Kids, aged three months to five years 

Activities in this timetable are focused on developing your little one’s coordination and motor skills, and include kinder-gym, dance and water safety. 

Youth, aged five to 12 years  

Activities in this timetable are designed to get your kids moving and learning. Through programs like ninja-inspired workouts and Les Mills’ Born to Move, your kids will be improving their balance, coordination and problem-solving in no time.   

The young at heart 

Activities in this timetable are intended for the bigger kids. No matter if you’re a teen, in your thirtiesoabove sixtythere are programs to get you moving and having fun, while learning a new skill or two. For kids under 16, adult supervision is required.  

Power up your Workout At Home

Active Kids Research tells us that active kids are happy kids! Brought to you by BK’s Gym & Swim, the Active Kids activities will have your kids moving with a smile as they learn the basic fundamentals of gymnastics. Active Kids is suitable for little ones, aged 18 months, right through to 12 years of age.
Little Swimmers Powered by GOswim, JUMP! Swim Schools and BK’s Gym and Swim, the Little Swimmers activities are designed for parents and kids that just can’t get enough of swimming lessons. The activities are suitable for little ones, aged three months, right through to 10 years of age.
Play Time Designed by Ninja Parc’s team of expert ninja trainers, the Play Time activities are all about kids having fun while learning new ways to move. The activities are accessible for all skill levels and most suited to kids aged 12 years and above. For kids under 16, adult supervision is required.
Home Activities Say goodbye to your kids’ boredom. The Home Activities are designed to keep kids entertained and engaged. There are boundless projects and activities that will have your little one using and developing their creativity and problem-solving skills. The best part: most of the activities can be completed with everyday household items. 

With these at-home workouts, there is something for everyone.

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