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Home Fitness Network contains workout options for all ages, interests and levels of fitness.

It includes:

  • Countless live group fitness classes and Coaching Zone workouts
  • Yoga and meditation, for the beginner through to the more advanced
  • Kids activities, to get kids, youth and the young at heart moving and having fun
  • Weights and cardio programs, for beginners, intermediates and advanced movers
  • Ageless activities, for the young at heart who want to move and have some fun

Choose your own course of movement by selecting and exploring workouts at your own pace.

Or, work your way through one of our weekly timetables.

Power up your Workout At Home

Group Fitness If you love group fitness, prepare to be spoilt for choice! There are countless group fitness, Coaching Zone and live group fitness classes for you to access
Wellness Seekers If you love yoga and meditation, or have always wanted to try one of the two, now’s your moment. Browse our collection of yoga and meditation classes and prepare to relax and unwind
Active Kids If you’ve got a little one that’s busting to move, or needs a little push to get active, Just for Kids will do the trick. It’s loaded with fun activities that are designed to get kids, youth and the young at heart moving and having fun
Strength & Conditioning If you want to embrace weights or cardio training, we're loaded with home-based programs for the beginner through to the advanced
New Mums If you're a new mum that's seeking some suitable post-partum workouts, we'll help you safely build or maintain your current level of fitness
Ageless Actives If you're a senior who wants to keep active, try our Ageless Activities on for size. Each program is developed to get you up, moving and having fun

With these at-home workouts, there is something for everyone.

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Choose from our workout only portal OR access to nutrition, workouts, support and advice to main good health and your active lifestyle. Keep MOTIVATED with your Home Fitness Network!

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