We have some extremely exciting news to share with you! 

Our Home Fitness Network community is growing daily, so we’ve stepped it up by enhancing your experience! How? We’ve completely updated the Home Fitness Network website.

What does this mean for you?

  • An exciting new & improved platform for you to explore
  • Easier access to workouts, live classes, nutrition and all of your other fave features
  • More personalised member login section –a true VIP experience
  • Launching Monday 3rd August!

Log-in to Home Fitness Network & experience the difference! 

As an existing Home Fitness Network member, use your current email address you use to access your new Active World profile to login to access the Home Fitness Network website. Click login above to get started, use the access code sent to your email to get started!

If you haven’t received an email from the Home Fitness Network team, please check your junk or spam folder or contact us for the code.

  • Login from the home page or click login in, use your email address and access code received from us via email.
  • Once logged in from the home screen, click your name under profile image to update and create your unique password for Active World.
  • Please click on My Profile to finalise and verify your email address for account set up. Now your account is all set up!
  • You are now ready to log into the new Home Fitness Network website. Click the Home Fitness Network tile from your home screen to access the website.


Access the Nutrition Portal

For accessing the Nutrition Portal, please use your existing login details, if you have forgotten your login details, please select ‘forgot password’ to reset your password.

Other Functions

Innovative Technology

Your Home Fitness Network journey is powered by Active World – innovative technology designed to improve communication and interaction between you and our team.

Add a Plus 1

Want to add someone to join you in accessing the Home Fitness Network? Your member portal will provide you with the ability to sign-up a new member to your Customer account.