By following a progressive program it allows each session or each week, you do something to be more difficult than previous weeks.

By doing this, you challenge your body and encourage it to change and develop.

Minimise the chance of falling into a comfort zone by applying a progressive overload method to your training.

Progressive Overload means your exercises stay the same but your timing, focus and the overall workout are entirely different every week.

For circuit-type exercise modes (non-running, biking, swimming)

  • Increase the number of stations/exercises.
  • Increase the intensity of effort.
  • Increase the work period time.
  • Decrease the rest time between stations/exercises.

For continuous modes of exercises such as distance running or work on an exercise machine:

  • Work longer at the same pace.
  • Work harder at the same time/distance.
  • Work longer and harder.

Bodyweight exercises can build muscle if you simply:

  • Progressively increase reps
  • Decrease rest times
  • Add variations and challenge yourself

The bottom line on conditioning progression: have a plan that requires you to do more rounds, work harder, work longer, and/or decrease rest time between bouts. Plan it out. Write it down. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favour.

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