At the Home Fitness Network, we understand that variety is the spice of life, and in training terms, variety can also give you the best results!

By giving your body a range of physiological stimuli (training types) you can challenge it in new ways and force adaptation – AKA – change. Doing the same thing all the time allows your body and muscles to get used to your routine, mixing it up can help you see results!

There are so many benefits to mixing up your workout!

  • Prevent Injury – overusing the same muscles can cause repetitive strain as we are doing the same motions over and over. Give your overused muscles a rest by mixing it up!
  • Build new muscles – Have you ever done a new workout and find your muscles hurting where you didn’t even know you had muscles! Trying new workouts allows you to work on different areas to build a strong heart and body!
  • Stimulate your brain – exercise helps us keep our brains sharp by learning new skills. If you do the same thing you will begin to work out on autopilot – we don’t want that! – try a new class with different steps or a new routine to challenge your brain as well as your body.
  • Bust Boredom – tired of seeing the same streets you run or always looking at the clock on the treadmill? There are so many other options to cardio, strength or even weights training. Try Zumba to get your heart beating, add variation to your weights, increase your reps to change up your workout!
  • Find your excitement – if you are struggling to find the motivation to get moving, its time to change your workout! Find what you love about the gym – maybe its dance classes, maybe it’s your me-time with some weights or Yoga. If you can’t remember what you love about keeping active try some new classes to refind that spark! It may take some trial, make note of what you liked and didn’t like. Our weekly timetables are a great place to start to give you some ideas!

This week give something new a GO! Don’t just log in and click your go to workout, try something new today and your body will thank you for it tomorrow.