Exercise is like any other skill – it takes time and practice to learn how to do it safely and effectively. This means that the more you practice a movement, the better you become and the more results you will see.

When joining us on the Home Fitness Network you will find plenty of movements that are new and exciting as well as those staples that you know and love.

We have some tips for you to make sure every time you work out, you focus on control and correct technique!

  • Remember to start small and build your workouts – it could be that you are new to exercise or coming back after some time off, it may even be that you have not seen a specific workout before. Regardless of how often you train, make sure you start slow, practice the exercise and then add weight or speed.
  • In our LIVE classes keep your camera on so your instructor can see you move and give you some advice if required.
  • Manage your expectations – remember we will not perfect a workout or achieve our goals overnight. Practice and a positive mindset will get you far.

This week, try something NEW! Practice a new skill – you can thank us later!