It’s time to brush off those trainers and get out of the fitness rut! Let’s be real, exercising during Winter is hard and this Winter has been even harder. Have you found that recently you have stopped making progress or not feeling motivated to train at all? You’re not alone and it’s normal! This is called a Fitness Plateau. 

A fitness plateau occurs when your body adjusts to your routine workouts. You might start to feel bored or unmotivated with your normal routine. 

On average it can take your body 6 to 8 weeks to learn a new fitness routine or workout, after this you can mix it up by adding variations or weight to your training, but your body is still benefiting. 

Make sure you are mixing up your workout, don’t make working out a drag. If you aren’t enjoying your workout, try something NEW! 

Now that Spring has sprung – it’s time to rediscover why we love keeping fit so much. Yes, we all have our goals that motivate us, BUT we feel better overall after a workout. 

Give our Home Fitness Network Finisher Blasts a try this week to put that spring back into your step!